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Department of Transportation (DOT) Testing

Department of Transportation (DOT) Testing

Department of Transportation – DOT Drug Testing
Hundreds of millions of people every day depend on public transportation around the world to get from A to B. Every day. We entrust to those who operate large commercial vehicles, the protection of our families, relatives, coworkers, and acquaintances. This also falls to us to ensure that the operators of such vehicles do not have a criminal record and do not consume illegal drugs. As a result, drug testing is vital to the nation ’s health in the transport industry. We provide services in Frisco, Mckinney, Texas.
What is a drug DOT test?

In addition, if a company belongs to the transport sector, with staff in safety-related roles, it must be legally active in a DOT drug testing program. It is a drug check controlled by the government – the Transportation Department (DOT) in particular. The United States in 1991 Congress passed the Omnibus Safety Act as the need for a drug and alcoholic-free transportation industry became recognized. Congress agreed. 

The Act required DOT agencies to carry out health-sensitive workers’ drug and alcohol checks to ensure the health of the passengers and staff. DOT and U.S. agencies Coast Guard writes specific industry regulations explaining who, when, and what situations are subjected to testing. Industry employers apply their company regulations.

Who needs to be checked for DOT?
Someone who is referred to as “sensitive to health” as an employee in DOT regulations is checked with DOT and with alcohol. A safe employee is a person holding a job that can affect their own security and the public’s protection.
Many of the DOT agencies with critical safety positions:

When DOT drug checks are carried out?

In the following cases, employers of healthy workplaces may check for drugs or alcohol:

Which are the criteria for DOT drug tests?

The same five-panel check is used for all DOT drug tests. The following tests are:

How does a DOT drug check vary from a non-DOT drug test?

DOT drug testing is done at the Department of Health and Human Services certifiable laboratories which publish monthly a list of certified laboratories. On the other hand, non-DOT drug testing is done by laboratories certified to either CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Changes) or CAP (College of American Pathologists) by one of the 2 accredited agencies. It would be wise for employers to check the certification of a lab first before testing their employees for drugs and alcohol. We provide services in Frisco, Mckinney, Texas.